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…is a dying art form with fewer people than ever taking it up. But with the rise of upcycling and recycling, there is no need to throw away tired or broken old chairs and stools any longer.

Porcupine Upholstery, based in Dunfermline, Fife at Fire Station Creative is here to help you rescue and restore your favourite old seat using the finest wools, linens velvets and leather.

Furniture from the early 20th century and further back was generally very sturdily made using traditional techniques. Many of these pieces survive intact, sometimes as inherited pieces or sometimes as a special piece that caught the eye at an auction.

Porcupine makes it possible for these pieces to take on a new lease of life and last many more decades to come. Paula will help you bring these chairs and stools back to pristine condition and be able to be passed down future generations.

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Broken chair frames or sagging webbing can also be repaired. Sometimes that is all that is needed and we are happy to help.
Porcupine will also accept commissions for more modern pieces – perhaps some dining room chairs need a fresh look to compliment new décor, or a favourite chair has come to grief in day to day living.

As well repairing and re-upholstering client commissions, we also find and refurbish chairs which catch our eye. These are for sale as and when available – have a look here to see what we have today.

Do have a look at our Footstools page for some affordable and highly memorable pieces which make ideal gifts for Weddings, Christenings and other special occasions.