When I am not busy with commissions to like to rescue and restore individual pieces and create my Porcupine Originals.


You’ll find a variety of stools for sale but if I don’t have any to suit your taste or you like a top but want different legs, that is not a problem, please ask. I am happy to make stools to any specification and you can choose from a range of legs.


One of the reasons I love upholstery so much is the seemingly limitless variety of chairs. I rarely have 2 the same so by the time each of these chairs have been stripped and reupholstered there really will be no other like it. The majority on this page have been finished with my choice of fabric but I will from time to time post chairs waiting to be done and if you fall in love with one before I get around to finishing it you are then able to buy it at that stage and choose your own fabric

Please contact me to reserve, make payment and arrange collection